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My work was chosen by American Clay Earth Plaster to be featured on the cover and also inside of their new brochure.   My passion for American Clay Earth Plaster is recognized by the company and I feel very honored.  Thought I'd share.











Dear Potential Clients of Sandi Imondi,

My husband and I recently finished the building a wonderful (I can say this because I neither designed it nor built it)

house in La Jolla, in the Shores area. Sandi Imondi was recommended by our architect on this project, and I’m so glad she was.

Sandi made the walls a work of art. Every surface that she plastered (with American Clay material) was unique, warm, interesting and enhanced the feel of the interiors. Sandi worked tirelessly, without complaint, to achieve the exact color and texture we wanted. Plus, she would offer her guidance as to the best solution, when we didn’t know what we wanted. 

I can’t say enough positive statements about our time working with Sandi. She’s so talented, so dedicated, and such an artist. We are thrilled with the result.


Nancy & Brian

La Jolla, CA


I had the pleasure of having the talented Sandi with Imondi Interiors do the wall and ceiling finishes on a beautiful French historic renovation on Coronado Island CA. Sandi made sure to be in constant communication with myself and the homeowner, always paying attention to detail and leaving with a top notch product for the clients to enjoy for many years to come. American Clay Plaster is truly a healthy, elegant, organic, and most importantly, timeless, finish that I strongly recommend as a Designer for any room in a home. 

I will continue to have Sandi as my go-to gal for any plaster and finish work as she is both professional, fair, and a joy to work with. 

Thank you Sandi, Coastal Dwelling Design Co. looks forward to completing more beautiful and custom homes with you. 

All My Best, 

Rebecca Lincoln 

Coastal Dwelling Design Co., LLC. 

Design & Project Management Consulting


I am writing to express my wholehearted recommendation for Imondi Interiors (Sandi Imondi) as your artisan for a great looking American Clay installation.   The project recently completed in my home involved reworking an area that was misapplied by an earlier installer as well as fixing areas that incurred water damage from the rains and from plumbing leaks.

From the initial quotation process and during the actual work, Sandi was pleasant and professional.  Sandi’s care and attention to materials, technique and detail made the target areas better than new.  On her initiative, she went around the house touching up a few areas that had wear or stains caused by an active household.

One of the most refreshing traits was Sandi’s attention to neatness, leaving the work area cleaner than before she arrived.  She also taught me how to do my own touch up and left an easy accessible supply of clay and a small trowel for this purpose.

While the job was relatively small, I felt like I was a major customer.  Sandi was on time for scheduled appointments and went beyond the call of duty – she even walked my dog while I was out.

American Clay is a beautiful material and it will make your environment warm and cozy   You will be happy you chose Sandi to apply American Clay in your home or office remodeling project. 

Josh Lampl

Homeowner~Rancho Santa Fe, CA


Sandi Imondi is amazing with American Clay. She is so passionate, artistic, and a perfectionist about her work. She just completed our kitchen, hallway and bathroom in American Clay after having wallpaper for over 15 years. What a wonderful, refreshing and timeless feeling we have in our home now. The walls look like swede and smell so clean. We love it!!!! I can’t wait to have Sandi back again to do more rooms in our home. It is such a pleasure to work with her.


Alpine, CA


I live in a historic home in Kensington. At some point the previous owners had put stucco over the fireplace and installed contemporary green glass tiles. After removing this, we discovered the original decorative grill and plasterwork with some damage. I had originally contacted Sandi about applying American Clay to my ceilings, but when she saw the damage to the plaster on the fireplace, she told me that she would like to complete it’s renovation. I decided to take a chance and am more than satisfied with the results. Sandi did a fabulous job. She was very protective of the historical aspects of the renovation and of my home. Anyone who hadn’t seen the damage would have a difficult time finding where the repair starts and the original areas end. After most people would have been satisfied, Sandi wanted to come back and work on the tint until we were both happy with the results. Sandi is a joy to work with and I would highly recommend her.


Kensington, San Diego, CA


I am happy to write this letter as a referral for Sandi Imondi for work she recently did for me.   In the course of remodeling a room, which involved finishing the walls in American Clay, another contractor had completely botched the job and then walked away.  I contacted Sandi, who is considered to be the expert on American Clay application in Southern California and she agreed to help out. For a very reasonable price, she removed the improperly applied material and started over from scratch.  I can hardly express how pleased I am with the result!  Now the walls are even more beautiful then I had imagined and I continue to get compliments from friends.  It is clear that Sandi has a true passion for American Clay and being a skilled artist, she has the perfect touch when applying it. I have no reservation recommending her to you and would not hesitate to hire her for another job.
Susanna Ekholm-Reed
Cardiff by the Sea, CA


"I recently did some remodeling in my house and had Sandi Imondi  apply American Clay in my bedroom.   I selected Fairfield Green in the Porcelina finish

and I absolutely love it!  It has completely changed the ambience in my bedroom and the room now has a very clean, light, airy feeling. 

American Clay appealed to me because it is a 100% natural product with no chemical ingredients which I felt was very important - especially in the room that I sleep in. 

I also liked the fact that American Clay emits negative ions....and since I spend most of my day surrounded by electronic equipment in an office environment which can have zero negative ions-this was especially important to me!

I actually feel like I sleep better and wake up more refreshed now. My boyfriend and friends who have seen it all say that the clay has totally changed the "vibe" in 

the room..making it more soothing, peaceful and tranquil.  I am hooked!  Now I have to have Sandi do all the other room rooms in my house! She's a total pro and is a skilled master at applying American Clay."

-Marla Bechtel, film editor,

Los Angeles, CA. 


I was thrilled with the finished product that Sandi Imondi did on my house, using American Clay in my bathrooms and a custom paint job in my "Man Cave". Earlier this year, when I sold the house, people coming through for open house consistently commented on two things- the views from the house and on the bathrooms and basement. Actually kinda miss the place now. Would highly recommend Imondi Interiors to improve the look and comfort of your home.

James Jenkins

Hermosa Beach, CA


Wow, we had forgotten how our kitchen looked before. Amazing! You totally transformed our kitchen! We  are not just impressed by the talent and skill you showed on this job, we also appreciated your professionalism and integrity. After several bad experiences during our recent remodel, you brightened our hearts and renewed our faith in people. Thank you so much for everything you did for us. We would unreservedly recommend you to any potential customers, and would love to share our stories if anyone would like to talk with us.

Thank you again,


Zi Marsh

Keller Williams Realty

12265 El Camino Real, Suite 180

San Diego, CA 92130


Sandi Imondi did American Clay on my kitchen walls and many different faux textures on the trim, kitchen hood and island area.  She also darkened the wood on my kitchen cabinets.  There is no problem she can't solve, and she does it beautifully or as we called it "understated elegance". I hope you are lucky enough to have her work on you home or project to transform it into something beautiful like she did with my kitchen and breakfast room.  She also is a pleasure to work with and a brilliant artist.  She has my highest, unconditional recommendation.  Thanks Sandi!

Linda in La Jolla, California

January 2012  


Sandi a brief note to say thank you for creating such an incredible result in our home.  Your ability to understand our objectives then taking our conversation and bringing it to life on our dining room walls- you have a gift.  Your attitude and flexibility was so appreciated.  Please use me as a reference.

My best Marhnelle, Marhnelle Design

Laguna Beach, California


I am an interior designer in Houston, Tx and have worked with Sandi on many faux projects.  She is very talented and enthusiastic about every job.

She did several jobs for me that I wanted something "out of the ordinary" faux.  She was excited about the challenge and worked very hard to achieve the look- which she did on every occasion. She takes pride in her work. I found Sandi to be pleasant and easy to work with.

I would highly recommend her.

Erica Agostini A.S.I.D

Houston, TX  


Recently, my husband and I purchased a painting from an artist in Santa Fe .   Unlike our usual traditional, formal tastes, the painting had a southwestern flair and we were not sure how to incorporate this into our home.  However, we loved the painting and were determined to have it as a focal point.  We called Sandi Imondi, our faux specialist, and she immediately introduced us to the look of American Clay and suggested we use it in the dining room to highlight the painting.   It was absolutely perfect!   This amazing product transformed our dining room into a warm, rich atmosphere and beautifully shows off the painting. Sandi did an amazing job of finding just the right color and amount of texture to bring it all together and the outcome is a room that is unique and yet flows beautifully with the rest of the finishes in our home. We loved it so much we then contracted Sandi to use American Clay in our master bedroom.  Since we have a lot of heavy dark wood furniture, she suggested a soft shade of white that is absolutely stunning!   She then fauxed our double crown molding to look exactly like beautiful stained wood, and the result is nothing short of spectacular! Additionally, we are delighted with the idea of using a “green” product and one that also reduces allergens and keeps the room cool. We absolutely recommend American Clay and highly recommend the skilled and professional faux talents of Sandi Imondi to transform any room, anywhere! 

Laura and Burch Downman

Katy , Texas



We are absolutely OVERJOYED with the den/ kitchen and breakfast areas. Not to mention the Master bathroom, which is so fresh and cheerful.

The look in all the rooms has completely exceeded all of our expectations, and THEN SOME!! It has transformed the room.  We have guests come over and repeatedly tell us how warm, rich and welcoming our den looks.

You knew exactly what we wanted to accomplish from the minute we met and your talent is remarkable.!!  Not only is the work exquisite, but your company was so nice (I miss having you at my house!!), and you were always extremely professional! We will DEFINITELY be calling again...and soon! Thank you for doing such a great job.  ~ 

M. Glancey.  



Sandi has done many interior decor jobs for me.  The scope of the work has been from wood grain faux, leather faux to Venetian plaster and American clay.  They all came out beautifully.  Sandi is always enthusiastic and has a "can do anything" attitude.   I highly recommend her to someone looking for a qualified faux finish expert.

Connie Mastro

Katy, Texas


Sandi Imondi does AWESOME work!  She is very creative and skilled at Faux finishing.  She is excellent with guidance on color selections and very talented with creating textures and movement on your walls.  I love what she has done in my house and I have seen her work personally in other homes which represents great variety in what she is capable of doing.  Her work is neat and fast.  Everything is cleaned up at the end of the day looking just like it did when she arrived.  Sandi is reliable, dependable  and fair.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Linda Leiby

Houston Texas

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